Book Format List!

List of books and what physical formats you can get them in! * Almost all books are available as E books and audio books The BDB series Dark Lover:* US and UK Paperback*Dark Lover 2011 Collectors Edition* Dark Lover/ Lover Eternal combined BCE Hardcover Lover Eternal:* US and UK Paperback* Lover Eternal 2012 Collectors Edition […]

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The BDB: US VS UK covers!

Hi Daggers!I hope you all are having great day, reading your favourite BDB book! For a while now, I have been getting questions about the differences between the UK and US covers of The BDB series.So today I will list and compare the covers , so you can see for yourself! I will also include […]

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Blood Truth Paperback !

Happy release day , Daggers!Today we can finally add the paperback edition of Blood Truth to our collections! I know most of you collect the paperback books , and have been waiting for this for months.Well, it is finally here , so get your reading on! I am so excited to finally get to put […]

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The BDB mentions In Other Authors Books!

The BDB is a huge inspiration to many authors around the world, so it´s not a surprise that these Brothers and books gets mentions in other writers books! Here are some of the mentions of The Black Dagger Brotherhood in other writers work! : ******************************************************************Series:Masters and Mercenaries Book: Nobody Does It better (book 15)Author: Lexi […]

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The Sinner Virtual signing!

Hi , Daggers! Warden shared a picture of the VERY FIRST copy of “The Sinner” , wrapperd in its amazing glossy paper . Look at that perfect color match! Now, I know there has been a lot of people not ordering this book due to the high shipping costs. But if you choose USPS at […]

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The Sinner UK cover reveal!

It’s finally here! The UK cover of The Sinner was just released on the publishers Facebook page , and it is amazing! Only thing is that I can’t see the model of the cover having a Mohawk , which Syn does have,hmm. Hopefully Syn won’t pull a Murhder ,and cut it off during the book. […]

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