Happy Thursday! Let’s #throwbackaBrother – featuring our Phury! #bdb #phury

HEIGHT: Same as my twin, Z’s
WEIGHT: Same as Z’s
AGE: Same as Z’s- man, this is repetitive!
FAVORITE COLOR: I don’t really have one. I like them all. No, except for muck brown. You
know, dog sh*t brown.
FAVORITE FOOD: I love French cuisine. Probably because there’s a stick of butter in every
FAVORITE SEASON: Fall. Definitely fall. The leaves changing, the chill coming on, Pumpkin
Spice lattes. Heavier duvets. Cormia up close to me during the day.
DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: Loyal. Dependable. In recovery. (Sorry, I need
PERSON WHO WOULD PLAY ME IN A MOVIE: Anyone but Peewee Herman would be
good lolol
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Xanadu by Olivia Newton John because that friggin’ angel
REFUSED to let us play pool in peace.
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: You know, I can’t really remember? Probably something rap or
hip hop because V was running the music when we were playing pool.
LAST TIME I CRIED: I teared up when Cormia and I talked about having young last week. I
want a son so badly. Especially as I watch Wrath with L.W.
LAST TIME I LAUGHED: Playing pool. Butch got pissed because Lassiter was throwing
popcorn at him, and the cop poured his drink over the angel’s head. So worth the cleanup- Fritz
was upset I hit the mess with the Bounty (quicker picker upper rules.)
WORST FEAR: Given how Cormia and I have kind of decided to try for a young the next time
she has her needing- it’s going to be losing her one the birthing bed.
BEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE: Every night that wake up with my shellan.
IN FIVE YEARS, I SEE MYSELF…: With my Cormia holding our son in her arms.
IN A HUNDRED YEARS, I SEE MYSELF…: With my family all around me. Safe. Happy. Still
going to blow this off, but you know how he is. It’s nothing personal. And I’m just really
grateful you’re with us in this crazy life.