Batty BDB New Year!

Let us be honest, 2020 was a dumpster fire not even the Omega would have set off.BUT: surviving it wouldn’t have been as easy if it wasn’t for the possibility to escape into these life-saving books written by the one and only @jrwardbooks . And all of my fellow BDB family, who are just as […]

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What did Lassi-Claus bring me?

Merry Yule,Daggers! I hope you are having a fangtastic Christmas/holiday and are enjoying the season🖤 For the last 15 years I’ve always wished for anything BDB related items for Christmas,so it’s pretty easy to buy me stuff😂 Here’s what I was so lucky to get this year!😍: Did you get anything nice for Christmas?🖤 I […]

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BDB Christmas Book Tree!

Merry Yule ,Daggers! This year I decided to do my BDB Christmas tree a little bit different! After seeing booktrees on Instagram, I decided to do one myself. Now , I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous when stacking my entire BDB collection. I took my sweet time placing each book,and […]

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Happy anniversary to WWFY!

Hi , Daggers! Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Where Winter Finds You! “A Warm Heart In Winter” was originally supposed to come out two days ago , but was pushed back to December 1st due to delays in production. Ward mentioned that she was thinking about doing the love story between Darius and […]

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Happy BDB Halloween!

Happy Halloween,Daggers! I was supposed to do a Payne cosplay this year , but my outfit got lost in the mail so that did not happen. So , Instead I did a whole spooky dinner with the Brothers! I also carved a BDB Pumpkin , and it turned out FANGTASTIC! Hope you’ll have a batastic […]

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