Beth Randall

Elizabeth Anne “Beth” Randall, is the half-breed daughter of the Black Dagger Brother, Darius, and an unknown human female who Darius openly claimed to have loved.

As of the end of Dark Lover, Beth is mated to Wrath II, King of the Vampire race.

As of The King, Beth and Wrath II have a son together, Wrath III. Beth is unable to have any more children, however, due to having an emergency partial hysterectomy after giving birth.

Elizabeth is the last (perhaps only) living child of her father, Darius. Whether she has blooded siblings or not is not canonically known.

Her father, Darius, openly claimed to have loved Beth’s mother. Whether that love was reciprocated remains unknown in the novel text. However, at some point during their relationship, Beth’s human mother realised what her lover really was–a Vampire, and whether from fear or anger, she left him. She did not inform Darius that she was pregnant at the time. It wasn’t untill Beth’s mother was about give birth that she contacted Darius again. Fritz, Darius’s doggen, speculates that Beth’s mother reached out because she was afraid of what she was bringing into the world.

Beth’s mother went into labour and was brought to St. Franics Hopstial before Darius could reach her, however. After Beth was born, her mother lived long enough to tell a nurse that the father of her child was dead. She then died of extreme blood loss, leaving behind a baby girl that appeared, in every way, to be fully human.

As a newborn, Beth spent time in the Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit before going home with a nurse from the hospital. Watching over his daughter from the shadows, knowing that as a Brother fighting in a war against the Lessers, he couldn’t be the father Beth would need, Darius had secretly hoped that the nurse would adopt his daughter. However, the hosptial soon made the nurse give Beth back.

Beth then went into the foster care system, where she lived with many families until she came of age. First was the McWilliams family, who lived on Elmwood Avenue in Caldwell, but when Beth came down with pneumonia, the McWilliams’ sent her back to the hospital. After that, she went on to the Ryans family, but there were too many children already living there. Beth then went to go live with the Goldrich family, who kept her until Mrs.Goldrich became pregnant. Beth was then shipped off to an orphanage, which Fritz claimed that Darius had hated, as the orphanage administrators wouldn’t let Beth out to play often enough.

As a teenager, Beth wrote articles for her high school newspaper, and then again for her college newspaper when she came of age and went off to university. Beth attended college on a academic scholarship. Darius sent Fritz to Beth’s college graduation so that he could see pictures of her receiving her diploma.

After graduation, Beth took a job with The Caldwell Courier Journal as a reporter of local news