The Sinner – Signed Barnes & Noble edition!

Hi Daggers!

We all know how hard the corona virus has hit the world right now.
That also effects the book publishing part of it. More and more book releases are being postponed.
Books already published , does not get shipped due to it not being enough mail carriers or airplanes to deal with all the increased mail going out , now that people have to stay at home.

My Virtual Signed copy of The Sinner has been laying in a mail container in the States since march 27th. And I spoke to the Norwegian postal service today , and they say the cannot give me a time aspect as for when my book will leave the States.

But to my surprise , the signed copy from Barnes & Noble arrived in my mailbox just a few days ago!
I am so happy that I got it before the mail ban was stated in USA.

The Sinner is the first white hardcover book in the series. There is a white edition of Lover mine in BCE( Book Club Edition)
I am definitely thinking about getting it at protective cover!

I do fear for the future J.R Ward releases , with all these delays happening.
The Jackal is due to be released in August , A warm Heart in Winter in November and The first book in the Wolfen/Wolven series next year.

Hopefully we will have gotten out of this nightmare before then.

Until next time , Daggers , stay safe and healthy!

Daggers up!
The Bdaggerb

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