The BDB book 2021 is LOVER UNVEILED and the hero is…..

Thats right , Daggers, Warden has just announced the BDB book for 2021 and its hero!
The title is and old School one: Lover Unveiled , and the hero is a brand new face , Sahvage!

We have never met him before , as he jumped shipped back in the day when the record keeping of all the brothers were so bad , that you just had to disappear to be pronounced dead!
He has since been lost in The Old Country , but will now make his way over to the new world. And due to this , we will FINALLY get to know the meaning of the coffins!

Ward described his personality to be like the hostility of Zsadist , the heart of Darius and the leading skills of Wrath . He is like a german Shepard: He bites first , asks questions later!

And when asked if we have met his mate before , Ward said ” She`s been around”.
My guess would be on The Directrix Amalya .
Some say it might be the Scribe Virgin herself.

Ward said she had made the decision to go back to the original BDB writing style , and by the title , it seems like we are all in for one heck of a ride!

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