Angel for the Father Creator who had fallen from grace, but was given a second chance and became a fully-fledged guardian angel once more after succeeding at a series of goodwill tasks.

Conferred the powers of The Scribe Virgin upon her death (she picked him as her successor).

Appearance: A tall male with white pupils, that has blonde and black streaked hair with a vast array of piercings on his face, nose, mouth and ears. He can emit an other worldly light from his hole body, much like the Scribe Virgin. He can also cure people as is the case with Rehv in Lover Enshrined.

Lassiter makes his first appearance in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. He is first seen standing over a an ailing brother, Tohrment, in a cave out in the Adirondacks. He force feeds the near dead brother and threatens to take him home. Due in part to Tohr’s weakened condition, he procures assistance from Rehvenge and the brothers are notified. On their arrival he states that Tohr and himself are a two for one deal. They both go or its no deal. With much argument it is agreed to allow him to follow them home where he aids the brothers in the fight against their enemy, the Lessers.