Vishous AKA ‘V’, is the son of the Bloodletter and the Scribe Virgin.
He is a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.
V is a half breed, of sorts. Half Vampire and Half Divine.
He also has a BAD ASS (
fraternal ) twin sister , named Payne! Him being the oldest
Vishous is mated to Dr. Jane Whitcomb.

  • Age: at the beginning of ‘Dark Lover ‘, Vishous is 304 years old
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 260 lbs. All muscle, no fat.
  • Hair color: Black. Short in back, long in front.
  • Eye color: White with blue rims
  • Physical description:
  • V has a goatee. Which still to this day , irritates his fellow warrior brothers!
  • This dude has a lot of tattoos *Screams internally* . One on his right temple and one around his eye. On his left hand , groin, hip, and thighs , and they all are warnings in the Old Language of the Vampires. You know , just to give that extra UH-UH THAT`S RIGHT , to the Lessers he slays! His left hand always covered with a black leather glove, with an lead inlay, V wears this glove to protect people , and objects around him from being burned or electrecuted by his white gloving hand. This dude has been known to vaporate hole buildings with it!

V is the brains in the Brotherhood. He is often described as ” Wickedly intellegent” and there ain`t nothing he cant fix ,or hack. Being the computer nerd he is , he has a hatred for Apple products. (Honsetly, Who dosent?) He keeps the Brotherhood Compound safe , with state of the art security survailance. CAMERAS EVERY WHERE! And the fact that he can put up “Mhis” or shields , around it , helps keep them all hidden from the “Normal” world. He is also the maker of the black daggers they all use!
He is also in charge of the financial parts of the brotherhood buisniss.

Vishous has a hard time trusting people.
He can come of as cold , but at the same time delivers a sense of humor , that is absolutely priceless! He can be quite sassy as well.
And he has no time for shit-chat , so he will tell you pretty quickly what he thinks. with a sting.

V has a strained relationship with his mother , The Scribe Virgin, to say the least.
She had to give him away after his birth , and he was left with his father , the Bloodletter AKA GIANT DUCHEBAG!!
His father raised V in his Warrior Camp. Can you imagine the horror?!
His father raised V to be as brutal and cold as possible , and even attempted to castrate him , with only half sucsses. He left V scarred in more ways than one , and this is why V has a really hard time opening to , and trusting people.

Oh yeah , another thing : V`s mother also forgot to tell V that he has an IDENTICAL twin sister , named Payne ! She was not spared from her fathers raging evil either.

Due to his history of abuse , V is basically a man with a lot of issues. With anger , letting others control his surroundings .
V has also as a result of the abuse he experienced as a young male , become a sexually dominant man. He also has quite a controlling personality. Which is something his mate Jane , also has.

BUT! Even tho our boy V , has difficulties bonding with people , when he first does bond? YOU`RE HIS FOR LIFE. And there aint nothing in this world he wouldn`t do for you.

Vishous shows absolute loyalty to The Brotherhood. Especially his BFF Butch (
Dhestroyer) and his King, Wrath.
And his wife/Shellan Jane.

He has more skills tho , than just hardcore devotion to his loved ones.

Since our boy is half god , he can do some pretty cool shit.
Aside from putting up invsiable shields , he can also see the future.
Partly ,that is. His vision only shows him the single moment of ones death .
He gets no clues on when or where it will happen. And so , he , understandably , sees this skill as a curse.
This curse is also a HUGE reason , V dosent want to be around more people than neccesary . He littelary hurt , everytime he gets a tragedy ridden vision. Less people , less visions , makes sense , right?
V`s left hand is also a difficulty. It can totally wipe out a humans brain, insentegrate buildings, or help release his BBF , Butch , of the pain he gets when he inhales the black stuff The Omega leave on every soul he has corrupted. ( Which is what Butch inhales when he Dehstroys the lessers souls ( See what I did There? Juuuup) d glove.

In true Vampire style , Vishous can alter or block people’s memories.
He can also hear thoughts , that is why he blast hip hop all day , to block out the whispering voices.

Since Vampires cant get cancer AND have 2 livers , V`s enjoys smoking his red Turkish smoke , with a glass of grey goose , preferably watching a Red Rox game ( Wich he is obsessed with)
He prefers to spend his days in” The Pit”, the guardhouse on the grounds of the mansion (gotten to by an underground tunnel that runs from the main mansion into it) with Jane, Butch, and Marissa. One can get from the pit to the main house , by an underground tunnel , super effective , right?
He drives a Cadillac Escalade because it’s classy and it has room enough to ferry his brothers around when there’s need . He also ends up getting a Audi R8 once he mates Jane.

His mating story is told in ‘Lover Unbound ‘.