The BDB mentions In Other Authors Books!

The BDB is a huge inspiration to many authors around the world, so it´s not a surprise that these Brothers and books gets mentions in other writers books!

Here are some of the mentions of The Black Dagger Brotherhood in other writers work! :

Series:Masters and Mercenaries
Book: Nobody Does It better (book 15)
Author: Lexi Blake

The main Character who writes the emails ,writer of this email is a former CIA operative (mercenary/assassin). Her Dom partner makes her write apologies to multiple authors that she has threatened due to them not pairing her favourite characters “right”:

“Dear JR Ward,
Please forgive me for my last email. You should write as quickly or slowly as your muse leads you, and you probably know your characters better than I do.
So forget that small threat about Butch and V. I didn’t really mean it. You know who best they should be mated with, not me. No one’s coming for you in the middle of the night and while I do know your address, I promise to respect boundaries.”

Book: Show me , Baby
Author: Cherise Sinclair

Raine ( main character) names her pet after her “Book Boyfriend” :

“You’re my hero, Rhage.”Ears pricked up, Rhage watched her closely. Anything she said was important to him, and how lovely was that?

Book: Eight Grave After dark
Series: The Charley Davidson
Author: Darynda Jones

The female lead character is teasing her dom partner with Zsadist mad skills in the sheets:

Lover Awakened.” He nestled his head on my shoulder. “Weren’t you reading this book last month?” 


He raised a brow. 

“Yes. I can’t stop. I’ve read it twenty-seven times in a row.” 

He chuckled. “Do you need to be awakened?” 


“You know, you don’t need a manual for that. I can walk you through it step-by-step.”

He ran a finger down the curve of my neck, his heat licking across my skin , soaking into my nightgown.

“That’s okay ,” I said , fighting a grin. ” This author covers the basics . Her hero seems very well informed . I think I’m getting the general idea”

Series: Jane Jameson
Book: Not Sure , think it was book 2
Author: Molly Harper

The main character , Jane , has a book club where The Black dagger Brotherhood is included in the reading circle.

Author:Evangeline Anderson

Series: Alien Mate-Index series:

Book 1 : Abducted

Title:Not My Romeo
Author: Ilsa Madden Mills

List will be continually updated!

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