Virtual Signing: Get Cheaper Shipping!

Hi , Daggers!

It`s that time again: VIRTUAL SIGNING!
And this time it is “The Jackal” that is up for grabs.

Tomorrow, July 1st, 9 am EST , The VS signing for “The Jackal” will go up at

This is the Browser version of the shop!
This is the mobile version of the shop!

And so , I feel the need to share a tip on how you can get cheaper shipping when you order your copy!

I know there has been a lot of people not being able to order the VS books due to the high shipping costs.
BUT , if you choose USPS at the shipping carriers option page, you will get a MUCH lower shipping rate!

It is easy to miss the USPS option , but for international buyers , it will save you A LOT of money choosing USPS over UPS.

UPS shipping to Europe : $120
USPS shipping to Europe: $37,50

So MAKE SURE, you choose the USPS option when checking out!

Spread the word , Daggers , so that as many as possible can get the opertunity to order a copy of their own!

Until next time ,Daggers up!

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