The New BDB villain(ess): Who is Devina The Demon?

Ok,so you might have gotten the news that Devina has finally made her way into the BDB world.

Well,today I’m going to tell you some facts about her!

She first made her appearance in the first Fallen Angels series book,Covet.

5 Fun facts:

1: Fandom Nickname: The B*tch In heels

2: She has OCD, and sees her therapist regularly for it.

3: She hides her hideous horned,clawed, demon winged self in a body of an 80’s supermodel.

4: She is a master in torture. She has a whole souvenir collection to prove it *hurl*

5: She is the little sister of The Scribe Virgin and The Omega.  Making her the Aunt of Vishous, Payne and Lash ( Lash is Omega`s Son).

The voice of a demon

Have you ever watched a series or a movie , and a character shows up , and they instantly remind you of a book character?
That is what happened to me when I saw Netflix`s “Locke and Key”.
In the first episode , we meet a lady in a well , she is named Echo/Dodge, and she sounds EXACTLY like Devina does in my head! Then we get to actually SEE her , and she is SPOT ON:

Check out the video below , and please do tell of you agree! :


*Devina VS Lassiter (Spoiler from the sinner)*

This EPIC scene right , from the very last chapter in “The Sinner” , We all get a taste of how the future conflict is gonna be: BLESS YOU , LASSITER!

“At first, Devina couldn’t comprehend what obstructed her view of the highest skyscraper in the financial district. But there was something on the other bridge. Standing with feet planted and body braced. Devina narrowed her eyes. It was a male. Dressed in . . . were those hot pink zebra tights? And what was that shirt? Was that . . . Barney? “Jesus Christ,” she spat.
All at once, from behind those broad shoulders, a set of gossamer wings extended outward as blond and black hair spooled loose from some kind of tie. No, it wasn’t J. C. Lassiter, the Fallen Angel. As Devina narrowed her eyes and her temper rose, he smiled at her. And lifted one of his hands. With an elaborate show, he blew her a kiss, turned that palm around . . . and extended his middle finger at her.
And thus the next generation of conflict was born.” – Devina . The Sinner by J.R Ward

I hope you all stay safe during these difficult times ❤

Daggers up !
The BdaggerB

2 thoughts on “The New BDB villain(ess): Who is Devina The Demon?

  1. Wow! I can’t wait for the next BDB Book 📖! And I loved the clip. I can see her as being what I imagined Devina to look and sound like!


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