Happy BDB New year!

Unholy Lessers , Leelans !What a great year for The BDB this has been! Not only did we get an amazing monthly News Letter to keep us occupied between the book releases , but also 4 (!) BDB books! We also got some behind the scenes with Wardens pros and cons with being an author […]

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“It`s Just A Character”

Am I the only one who dies a little inside , when people say this?No ? GOOD. Then you will understand my frustration mentioned in this post. I do not know about you , but for me , every book I read , every character I get introduced to , I get connected with. With […]

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10 things buy a BDB fan !

Ever wondered what to get yourself , or a friend of yours , who loves The BDB?What to get them for their birthday? For Christmas? Even anniversaries ? Well, Look no further , Leelans !I have listed my top 10 items , to get for a BDB fan! Some of the items I have myself […]

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