BDB Christmas Book Tree!

Merry Yule ,Daggers!

This year I decided to do my BDB Christmas tree a little bit different!

After seeing booktrees on Instagram, I decided to do one myself. Now , I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous when stacking my entire BDB collection.

I took my sweet time placing each book,and made sure that the floor space was absolutely free of anything that could possibly scratch or dent the dust jackets and placed a Christmas tree mat for the books to rest on.

These trees can be any height and width you want!

To get my tree at this height,I used all my U.K,U.S and Danish hardcovers, and all my U.K,U.S ,Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish, French,German and Japanese paperbacks.

Then I added some multicolored led lights and some of my BDB Christmas ornaments from 18thStreetByLori!

The honor of being the tree topper,went to my hardcover of Dark Lover , accompanied with puppy George in a Santa hat and a green apple(Hey,Z🖤).

This is my first time attempting this,and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I made sure that the tree wasn’t up for longer than 10 minutes to reduce the risk of the books at the bottom suffering soft book damage,where they would get the shape of the upper book permanently stamped onto themselves.

No damaged books and no papercuts,FANGTASTIC!

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday, Daggers!🖤⚔🖤

Until next time!

⚔Daggers up and fangs out⚔

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