Happy BDB New year!

Unholy Lessers , Leelans !
What a great year for The BDB this has been!

Not only did we get an amazing monthly News Letter to keep us occupied between the book releases , but also 4 (!) BDB books!

We also got some behind the scenes with Wardens pros and cons with being an author , in the ” Fridays are for writers” segments on her Facebook page.

And to add it all up , She announced on her livestreams that there will be 2 new spin-off series coming. Number 1 being “The Prison Camp series” ( it will replace the Legacy series) , and Second being “The Wolfen Series”.

We`ll get a total of 4 physical books in 2020:

March 24th: “The Sinner” BDB book

June 30th : The “Prisoner of Night” novella in Paperback

August 4th: “The Jackal” Prison Camp series

December: The Wolfen Series

There is also a rumor that Warden is in contact with someone about getting the BDB books made into a TV series.

Safe to say , next year is gonna be another great BDB year!

My BDB library is now fullu ready for 2020!
And last but not least , Thank you all soooo much for the support throughout this year!
I cant wait to continue my BDB journey with you all , next year!

Cheers to 2020!

“The crowd started to chant. “Ten, nine, eight…” He leaned to her ear. “I love you.” She smiled up at him. “I love you, too.” “…seven, six, five…” Glancing to his left, he smiled at iAm and maichen, who was just starting to show. They smiled back at him. “…four, three, two…” With one, unified voice, everybody in the house yelled “Happy New year!” – Where Winter Finds You

Until next time , Daggers up!

The BdaggerB

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