Batty BDB New Year!

Let us be honest, 2020 was a dumpster fire not even the Omega would have set off.
BUT: surviving it wouldn’t have been as easy if it wasn’t for the possibility to escape into these life-saving books written by the one and only @jrwardbooks . And all of my fellow BDB family, who are just as obsessed ..*clears throat*,uhm, DEDICATED(?), as I am about this series. Posting BDB related content, all year round. And ofcourse the never ending discussion groups!(GoTeam V✊)

This past year I’ve been living my best life in Caldwell,New York , and have only ever left it when real life needed me to. #canwestopadultingnow
Thank you all for being the moonlight in these dark days, cause it sure has helped this vampire addicted Dagger, survive the whole ordeal known as 2020.

Daggers crossed 2021 will outshine this past year , Like a fully charged Lassiter☀️☀️☀️

But now we start a brand new year and I hope it brings us everything we missed in 2020.AND WE ARE NOW ONLY 4 MONTHS AWAY FROM MEETING SAHVAGE AND MAY!😍

Thank you from the bottom of my heart J.R Ward ,for offering us all an escape from the madness and giving us 3 brand new books this past year, to escape in,or break out of #TheJackal🖤🖤

Daggers up for a fangtastic new year!

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