“It`s Just A Character”

Am I the only one who dies a little inside , when people say this?
No ? GOOD.

Then you will understand my frustration mentioned in this post.

I do not know about you , but for me , every book I read , every character I get introduced to , I get connected with.
With every character , I connect on a different level. Some just fade away in the background of the story, like shadows, While others shine as bright as the sun.

So how can one not get emotionally involved with such rays of sun shine?

For example , in Blood Truth (the 4th Blood Legacy Book ) I bonded more with the little we got to see of Syn , than I did with Boone. With Boone , I did`nt even get a mental picture , but I could see Syn clear as day.

BUT, with this series , the earliest books are the ones that I always go back to.
Especially Zsadist`s book. That book changed everything when it comes to my experience with bonding to a book character . Before that book , I never had that bond with a book character . Even when reading Dark Lover and Lover Eternal , I still had difficulties relating to Wrath and Rhage. Probably cause they had such displaying traits . I`ve never appreciated overly confident personalities . I mean the borderline narcissistic types.
But when I read Z`s book, my whole view changed. Everything changed. From how I would start to read a book , to how I would finish it.
How I now , since that day , can not go a day without imagine a scene or a line from The BDB world.
How I can still remember 14 year old me being instantly addicted to these brothers , but especially that special one.
These books alone inspired me to become a writer. They acted like a spark to my empty , gassed filled head, if that makes sense?

So when people have the audacity to shame me for crying when a character is struggling , or has achieved something that seemed impossible, I feel like I have my own beast of a dragon trying to break out and eat said person.

But in the end , it is their loss, is`nt it?
For not being able to experience that connection between reader and character .

For me , I could not imagine living without this in my head. And if one day , I am to lose my mind and self consciousness , I hope that these brothers will be there with me to the very end , even in insanity. As I was in theirs.

Until next time,Leelans!

Daggers up!🖤


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