“The Jackal” Bookmarks!

Holy Lessers , Daggers!Look what my BDB sister, Lori ,sent me! I was just thinking how much I needed a bookmark for the BDB Prison Camp series , and here they are! If you have read the excerpt from The Jackal , you know why Lucan is hungry like the wolf(en)! Thank you so much […]

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BDB Merch: Sweet Adeline Designs!

Happy Trez Tuesday, Daggers! After seeing you all buying yourself these amazing BDB Tumblers, I decided to get one for myself! After asking around , I was suggested to check out this shop called “Sweet Adeline Designs” A few of my BDB sisters had bought from them earlier, and I absolutely loved their custom made […]

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BDB Merch: By MyMyMagic

Hi Daggers!In today`s post , I will be showing you the work by one of my favourite BDB merch vendors! Her name is Melissa , and she is the brains behind the shop: MyMyMagic!She has both a redbubble shop and a Etsy shop! SO MUCH AMAZING STUUUUFF! Redbubble shop: Here you can order from her […]

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BDB Bookmarks!

Hi , Leelans! I have seen so many amazing bookmarks over the years , and so many crafty BDB sisters of mine has made their own. So I decided to start making some myself! They are pretty simple , but they absolutely fit my BDB books.I have used red and black velvet , with “bite […]

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BDB Bead Bracelets!

So , Since the BDB market group opened on Facebook, I have been so inspired to contribute to this amazing community! After seeing My My Magic’s Melissa starting her new line of scrolls bracelets, I decided I should probably start at level 1 . My bracelets are super easy,but kicks ass in their simplicity! I […]

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BDB Phone Covers!

Hi , Leelans! Since The BDB Marketplace group has launched on Facebook , I had this thought that someone should make some BDB merch for our phones! I ordered some samples , and I am really pleased with how they turned out! There are more designs coming with our other favorite Brothers on them , […]

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