“The Jackal” Bookmarks!

Holy Lessers , Daggers!
Look what my BDB sister, Lori ,sent me!

I was just thinking how much I needed a bookmark for the BDB Prison Camp series , and here they are!

If you have read the excerpt from The Jackal , you know why Lucan is hungry like the wolf(en)!

Thank you so much for these Lori , I will cherish them for all time!

If you want your own , you can get them here! https://www.facebook.com/18thstreetbylori-113288307170158


So , If you haven’t read the Jackal yet , you can stop reading here ( But Thank you for stopping by!)
I just have to say , meeting all the new characters was really refreshing .
We also got a strong female lead , Nyx, who didn’t take orders from anyone ( even tho she should’ve at times) and a whole new band of misfits going on!

Nyx´s sister Posie tho, am I right?

Am I the only one who ADORED Mayhem? He gave the best vibes!
Apex on the other hand … His introduction was so disturbing , and I could vividly see him as Ward described him. With his gold fangs and shaved head.
FLABBERGASTED, Is what I became.

What did you think of the new characters?

Until next time , daggers up!
The BdaggerB

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