BDB Merch: Sweet Adeline Designs!

Happy Trez Tuesday, Daggers!

After seeing you all buying yourself these amazing BDB Tumblers, I decided to get one for myself!

After asking around , I was suggested to check out this shop called “Sweet Adeline Designs”

A few of my BDB sisters had bought from them earlier, and I absolutely loved their custom made tumblers !😍

They way of placing your order is by contacting them thru their Facebook Page:

Then they will ask you what design you want. What colors and fonts etc.

Then you pay half upfront and half when the tumbler is finished.
They will keep you updated during the whole process to make sure its what you want.

It`s usually a 2 week turnaround , and then they ship it to you!

I paid $24 for mine , the wine tumbler , which is the smallest one.

Starting out , I knew i wanted black and red glitter finish on mine. I absolutely ADORE those colors together! I also requested blood dripping around the rim.
And having the names of my favorite Brothers was mandatory of course!
The artist suggested metallic font ,and it came out fangtastic!
I also asked the artist if she could put my slogan on the bottom of the mug ,and she did!

I did a close up unboxing of it with all the info you would need!

Do you have any mug/cup specific to the BDB?

Until next time , Daggers up!

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