DIY Bat Hanger For BDB Jewelry!

I needed something fitting to hang all my BDB jewelry on, so I decided to make my very own bat hanger!
So that my BDB stuff can be displayed in a manner that is acceptable,haha.

So first I drew up a pattern that would fit , then transferred it onto cardboard paper and then cut them out! I added a coffin pattern , just cause why not?

I used some leftover wood from when we changed one of the walls on my house , so it was`nt perfect , but it would do!

Cutting them out was actually quite difficult , but as a first attempt , Im happy with how it turned out.

I used a black matte acrylic color to paint them with. I just love it when the wood pattern shows thru!

Totally happy with how they turned out tho!
Also made different versions with the number of hooks used.

I`m thinking of selling them , so if you want one , just use the contact form , and I`ll get back to you ASAP!

Until next time , Daggers up!
The BdaggerB

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