BDB Merch: Kylie’s Book Art!


I found a whole new obsession!

Scrolling through my instagram feed, this beauty showed up for sale:

Knowing me, I immediately DMed the shop owner and she was so nice!

She asked who’s Brother’s name I wanted,and 2 days later, it was ready to be shipped!

I later ordered a Vishous book for my collection, cause let’s be honest, I need it:

These books are folded,so the books can still be read!


Kylie’s Book Art is located in Australia so shipping does take a while, BUT ITS 100 % WORTH THE WAIT!

Her packaging is flawless. The book is wrapped in cellophane, then placed in a waterproof zip lock bag, before it’s laid on a bed of Styrofoam and bubble wrap . I’ve never had to worry about damage during transit, thanks to Kylie’s packaging!

You can get any characters name!

šŸ“· by

She just bought a brand new pattern, and it’s something I’ve wanted for my collection ever since I saw it! Look at it!:

My BDB Sister over at black_daggerbrotherhood got herself one and just LOOK, how fangtastic it is!

šŸ“· by

So that book is next on my list!

Her books start at $55 AUD, and is then shipped with Australia post,with tracking!

If you want your own, DM Kylie’s Book Art on instagram! :

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