Dark Lover 15 years anniversary! (giveaway)

Happy 15 years anniversary to Dark Lover!

Unholy Lessers , Daggers!
Can you live it’s been 15(!) years since Dark Lover was published?!

I got Dark Lover through a book club in 2005, at age 14⚔️
The obsession was instant and I haven’t missed a book since.
The BDB has been a part of my whole teenage years and into “adulthood” , and I’m at the point where I can re-read a BDB book and I will remember where I was at in that time in my life. #bdbhelpedmesurvivehighschool
These books saved my life and still continue to keep me sane , dealing with the real world .
Thank you so much Ms.Ward, for letting us all into your world of vampires in black leather 🖤

To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of this monumental book, I have banded up with some fellow BDB addicts to give 1 lucky Dagger some BDB treats!

One lucky Dagger will get:
1 copy of Dark lover paperback with the alternative cover from @thebdaggerb
1 copy of the UK edition of Dark Lover paperback from @thebdaggerb
1 Wrath alphabet beads necklace from @thebdaggerb
1 Wrath bracelet from @thebdaggerb
1 Wrath scented candle from @bookscents
1 Wrath wax melts scents from @southernnovelscents
1 Beth wax melts scents from @southernnovelscents
1 Wrath clay necklace from @mymymagic
1 Wrath and Beth bookmark from @18thstreetbylori
1 Dark lover Magnet from @18thstreetbylori
1 Dark Lover art piece from @blackdaggerbrotherhoodlegacy

To join , head over to :https://www.facebook.com/thebdaggerb/posts/676298649952940

Until next time!
Daggers up and fangs out!🖤⚔️😁

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