The Caldwell Courier Journal: October Issue!( Spooky Edition)

Happy October , Leelans!

As I hoped , This months issue of the CCJ is all about the years best holiday : HALLOWEEN!

I absolutely LOVE , Halloween! I have my decorations up all year , yes , I am not kidding , haha! If it is spooky or horror related , Im in!
See for yourself:

So I have picked my favorite parts from the issue and I`ll share it with you now !


As I said last time, since Warden started her News Letter Mailing list , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!

I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the first issue you 
received .

You can find past and future Issues here! :

Beth starts the missive with apologizing for the brothers high jacking the past issue .
And says how she will let them have host spots in the future issues! EXITING? YEEES!

She also mentions how the Brothers have the same plans , every year , but they never go through with them : ” Yes, it is the season of Halloween, and yes, the Brothers have a lot of bright ideas about going into human neighborhoods and scaring the crap out of people. “

Since the young ones cant go trick or treating outside the commpund , Beth came up with a great replacement! : ” We ARE going to celebrate Halloween night at the mansion, however!  We’re going to pretend that everyone’s bedrooms are houses, and each of the Brothers, the fighters, and the others, including all doggen , will have bowls of their favorite candy to offer the little ones.  The kids are going to make the rounds, starting with the Pit, and then going throughout the big house. “

She also lists up who(almost) each person is gonna be!

Bitty is going to come as a butterfly queen

Lyric and Rhampage are going as fuzzy dices . Lyric is going to be pink a one, and Rhamp a black one.

Autumn is going to be a Disney princess (Jasmine) .

Wrath is going as a zoo keeper with a pith helmet- think (Steve Irwin only not with a blond wig ).

George is going to be his lion .

Beth is going to be a ghost under a sheet. Or Eleven from Stranger things(?)

L.W is gonna be a Panda.

Blay and Qhuinn are planning to be the Blues Brothers (AWESOME)

Layla and Xcor are doing the Beauty and the Beast. ( Layla`s gonna be the beast, right?)

Lassiter?  David Lee Roth WHOM ELSE?!

Rhage is going as Aquaman, Jason Mamoa style

 Mary is going to be a Tootsie Pop

Phury and Cormia are going to be the two old folks from that painting, American Gothic

Butch and Marissa are going as Gianni Versace and Elizabeth Hurley in that black dress with the gold safety pins

John Matthew and Xhex are going to be Neo and Trinity. PERFECT

Ruhn and Sax are thinking it’s the Bounty paper towel man and the Great Gatsby,

Fritz and the doggen are going dress up as their favorite Krispy Kreme donuts

 The Band of Bastards have`nt decided yet , but Syn could easily dress up as terminator or something like that!

Q: Have you decided your costume yet?
I dress up even if I never leave the house,haha!

Last year I was , wait for it……: A BAT!

In the spirit of Halloween , our Favorite Angel has dedicated this months horrorscope , to the many versions of Trick Or Treat candy!

Mine is :

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
You are the steady eddy, an unsung hero who is always there. You are the Milky Way, less flamboyant than your Snickers counterpart, quieter, more subtle, but you are sooooo good. You are my favorite candy bar, whether in dark chocolate or regular! “

My all time favorite Halloween candy is , brace yourself , Brachs Candy Corn. I think I love it so much cause it is not something you can buy here in Norway. We have NEVER had candy corns in the stores here. EVER.

“Dear Vishous,

The problem is our neighbor to our left.  There is a row of beautiful holly trees that grow down our joint property line and provide a natural barrier between us and him.  We love these trees and nurture them- and they are planted on our side of the line.  Our neighbor, however, seems to feel they are his to do with what he pleases.  Without our permission or knowledge, he cut them back so aggressively that their health has been compromised.  “

And as always , our brutally honest demi god has the answer pretty quickly , to Mary`s frustration:

Vishous:  You need to get a flamethrower.

Mary:  *blinks*  V, did you read the letter?  The trees are on her property.  She likes them.

Vishious:  Flamethrower’s not for the hollies.  It’s for the neighbor-

Mary:  Vishous.  Homicide is not the answer. “

As always , Rhage has picked one of my favorite movies !
This month , He chose one of the greatest horror movies he could possible have chosen: Halloween!
If you have not yet seen this movie , you are missing out!
It`s from 1978 , and it stars Jamie Lee Curtis. Need I say more?

Rhage: Big surprise, Halloween is my second favorite human holiday. Hello, candy and scaring humans- plus horror films everywhere! What could be better, other than pin-the-tail-on-the-angel?

Naturally, in honor of this most festive season, I had to rock the OG classic, Halloween for this month’s column. This movie came out October 25, 1978, and for its time, it was kind of like The Blair Witch Project .

*Watches entire movie*

Ahhhh, this was just awesome! I think I’m going to watch Part II now. I actually prefer II to I, but I thought it was important to do them in order.

Have a very Happy Halloween! “

Out of all the Halloween series movies , I really like part 3 , which isn`t really a part of the Haddonfield crew , but a stand alone story , but with the familiar spookiness!

For me , best Halloween themed movie is definitely Trick`R`Treat!

Q: What movies do you like to watch during Spooktober?

So until next time , Happy Halloween and Daggers up!
The BdaggerB

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