What did Lassi-Claus bring me?

Merry Yule,Daggers!

I hope you are having a fangtastic Christmas/holiday and are enjoying the season🖤

For the last 15 years I’ve always wished for anything BDB related items for Christmas,so it’s pretty easy to buy me stuff😂

Here’s what I was so lucky to get this year!😍:

“Where winter finds you ” German edition🖤 BTW,is this female the same as the one on the cover of claimed, minus the hand?🤔
Blay’s Perfume❤
(Some of)The Fallen Angels series, German editions!
Xcor’s perfume⚔
This needs no explanation, true?
Butch’s perfume😍
New Rock boots (with high heels!)

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?🖤

I hope you all stay safe and healthy🖤

Until next time!

⚔🖤Daggers up and fangs out🖤⚔

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