Winter has finally found us! + Live Event

The day is finally here , Leelans!
“Where Winter finds you” is now in stores! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US ,True!?

Some of you located in the UK , have probably already read your copy multiple times since it was shipped out on November 9th. #jealous
Warden is having a Facebook live event for this book TODAY!
We will all discuss the brothers ,earlier books and just BDB stuff in general. She will also answer questions about WWFY.
There might be spoilers , but She usually dodges them , or let you know before she says them. So you can cover your ears , haha.

I hope to see you all there! It will be 01.00 am here when it starts , but hey , Vampires don`t sleep much anyway , knowwhutImean?!

Best Christmas gift of the year?

Since we are now 5 days away from it officially being time to start thinking about buying Christmas presents , I think we all know what`s on the top of the wish list this year , am I right?!

So far it is only published as a hardcover in the UK , but Warden has said she is working on getting a US hardcover released ,too.

If you have not ordered your copy yet , you can find it here:

US cover: Paperback / Audio / E-book :

UK cover: Hardcover / Paperback:

So while you`re waiting for your copy , as am I, let`s enjoy some pictures of our BDB Sisters copies!

📷: Mandy Allen
📷: Mandy Allen
📷 : Paulina

So I hope you all will have a happy reading and please let me know down in the comments about what your thoughts about the book so far!
I am currently on page 66 , and holy Lessers , is it amazing!

Until next time , Leelans!
Daggers up!

The BdaggerB

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