The Caldwell Courier Journal: December Issue!

Merry December , Leelans!

I have just decorated my whole house for Christmas , and I am so excited for the snow to start falling!
Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!


As I said last time, since Warden started her News Letter Mailing list , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!

I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the first issue you 
received .

You can find past and future Issues here! :

“Happy December!  OMG, how is it winter again?  We are holed up here on the mountain, battened down for the cold winds and the snow and the ice, and feeling quite cozy and safe. 

“First, a recap of Thanksgiving.  Yes, Fritz makes Rhage two turkeys just for him.  One is cooked in the traditional way, in the oven, with cornbread stuffing and roasted potatoes in the pan.  The other is deep fried out in the garage.  Rhage eats both down to the bone.  There is nothing left, not even for soup stock!  Rhage also enjoys three pies with his name on them, literally.  He gets an apple, a pumpkin and a Boston creme.  He always eats the Boston creme first.  When I asked him why this year, he said it was because it was lighter and fluffier.  I’m not sure I see his point lololol   Oh, and this is every year that he gets the exact same thing.  He does this with holidays.  He has to have the same menu in the same order on the same platters and plates in the same seat at the table.  Why?  I don’t know. 

As you all know, not everyone is Christian in this household, but the kids love the Santa stuff so even among those who do not celebrate the holiday, it’s a fun time, and we make room for everybody’s traditions. 
P.S.  Lassiter has promised not to get stuck in the chimney again this year.
We’ll see how that goes.  That is not a bet I am willing to take, however. “

This month, in recognition of the holiday season, Lassiter are giving everyone a present to represent their star sign !

Mine is:

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
You are always on the ground floor of any effort.  I am getting you the office of your dreams.  You have an unlimited budget at Staples to choose every pen and paper, every computer and laptop, each pad and lamp and chair and desk, to fit your industrious dreams!  Enjoy!

This months question is from a reader who is frustrated over her brother and his fiance , who keeps changing dinner times during Christmas. And other frustrating behavior:

Q: “I don’t know what to do, but I’ll tell you, I’m sick of this.  I’m sick of him.  I can’t stand her.  And I’m furious about being inconvenienced in this busy season- and I can’t believe that our parents rolled over once again for my brother’s antics.  It costs him and his “fiancée” nothing to just let all of us do our thing.  But nooooo, they have to screw everything up and put the rest of us out…
….any ideas you have.  Meanwhile, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.
Had It In Seattle “
V:  Oh, yeah, right, I wouldn’t know anything about piss poor family dynamics.  *shakes head*  And that’s my point.  Sometimes, among bloodlines, there is no dealing with that underlying problem.  No conversation that you can have with them.  No place to go with your problems.  When that’s the situation, you need to quit your bitchin’ and just get on with it- and when there is an opportunity to change things, fine.  Switch that dinner time.  Otherwise, you need to live your life and not worry so much about what the wingnuts are doing with theirs.  Let the sh*t go or it’ll eat you alive. “

YES! This month , Rhage is reviewing one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time . DIE HARD!

This is my nr 1 Christmas movie. And then Christmas vaction. Perfect!

“As many of you know, DIE HARD is my ultimate Christmas movie.  Bar none.  F*ck It’s a Wonderful Life.  Screw even Home Alone and Christmas Vacation (although both are staples.)  To me, it is not the holidays until Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza.

So in the spirit of this season, please gather your young ones around, get your egg nog, and prop your feet up with me in front of the fire… and let us all enjoy one of the greatest movies of all time!  I’m not even going to do much of a preamble because at this point, if you don’t know the movie, I can’t help you with the sadness of where your life has gone.

Well, in spite of my sugar high, I find myself feeling let down.  That is my favorite movie of all time.  It has everything.  Action, love, and the humor- remember the terrorist who is behind the glass case and gets distracted by the candy?  I forgot to put him in.  This film revolutionized the action genre and all kinds of movies came out afterward aping its vibe.  Cliffhanger, with Rambo, was Die Hard on a mountain.  Speed was Die Hard on a bus.  Speed II was Die Hard on a boat as was Under Siege.  Under Siege 2 was Die Hard on a train.  Independence Day is Die Hard with aliens.  And yes, I’m going to say it.  They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. 

Well, except for the Deadpool movies.

I’m going to sit here and watch Die Hard 2 next.  Now, I will say, nothing comes close to the original.  This is not an Empire Strikes back situation.  But number two is still a great movie, and that scene with John McClane hitting the ejector seat in the aircraft and spinning end over end, up into the air, as the plane blows up?  Come on.  Total Badassary.

Oh.  Look.  I’m out of Twinkies.  Think I’m going to switch to Milk Duds.

Anywho, until next month, I’m sending you love from the mansion’s movie theater- and please think of me when you watch Die Hard with your own family this festive season!


You can read the full news letter here!

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