I am in absolute shock right now , Leelans.
Yesterday , I shared a picture of my BDB library that I have in my house, on Warden`s Facebook Page.
Honestly , I did not expect Warden to respond , since she is super busy writing “The Sinner”, “The jackal” and the first book in “the Wolfen” series.

So imagine my face when Facebook notified me that ” J. R Ward has comment on your picture”
Warden commented how beautiful it was , and I was just so damn honored just by the fact that She had seen my picture , so when she commented ,again, an hour later , asking if she could post it to THE BIG PAGE , I swear , I flatlined for at least a full minute!

I thought she would share it sometime AFTER “Where Winter Finds you” had been released , so I didn`t think much about it.
So a day later , I`m standing in the shower , when suddenly my Fit bit starts to vibrate and blows up with all kinds of notifications! DING DING DING DING . I could just see the letters ” J.R ” through the fog of soap that was covering my eyes.
All my fellow BDB sisters who saw our Queen sharing it , had started to tag me and share my picture in all the BDB groups !
I cute the water, jumped out of the shower , with the un-rinsed shampoo running into my eyes , and sat down on the floor. Out of the 50 + notifications ,I opened the one that said ” J.R Ward has just posted a picture”

Seeing Warden write my name AND share a picture of my dearest possessions with ALL HER FANS, made me cry , which made the shampoo foam even more . So now I was blinded on top of it all. But I persevered the pain and read thru all the comments that everyone had left . There was so much love !

Also , I got this weird satisfaction in thinking that since Warden had seen my picture , that means that everyone has seen it! The Brotherhood , Their Shellans , The Lessers , EVERYONE!
I could also imagine V saying ” Holy Fuck , what a waste of space and money. She obviously needs help. And a life” HAH!

This really made my life so much better. Knowing that my favorite author has not just seen my side of the BDB world she created 14 years ago , but actually shared it with all her BDB fandom to see as well.

Until next time , Leelans!

Daggers up!
The BdaggerB

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