The Caldwell Courier Journal : November Issue!

Happy November , Leelans!

I bet all my US friends are well in to their Thanksgiving planning!

If you need some help getting into the thanksgiving spirit , this months news letter is a perfect place to start!


As I said last time, since Warden started her News Letter Mailing list , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!

I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the first issue you 
received .

You can find past and future Issues here! :

Ok, So after reading the missive, there was no Halloween celebration due to bad weather and power shortage. I was really looking forward to getting to read about the brothers in their costumes. well well , hopefully next year!
Beth also talks about her love for everything pumpkin spiced! Me, too , sistah!

So, for November, Lassiter are going to do all the sides and trimmings and meats, in this horoscope, so read on to find out where you are in the feast.

Mine is :

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
As a disciplined, get-the-job-done kind of person, you are the mashed potatoes, the critical staple that requires steady work with the masher in the pan over a low flame.  Whether you serve your tatters with cream cheese in the mix, or are a strict whole milk and salted butter kind of person, everyone needs the mashed on their plate- if only to form the gravy pool!

So this question is so funny . cause I would have asked V the same thing, haha!

And as always , he is brutally honest :

Q: “I guess what I’m asking is whether or not I should quit my job and devote all my time and attention to making it in the music business.  Maybe I just need the pressure of having to make things work in order to force myself to get to the next level.  I feel like if I wasn’t going into work every day for ten hours (commuting and lunch, etc.) then I’d not only have more time, I’d have more energy.  Sometimes I’m just really f*cking drained.
I’m 27, by the way.  Closing in on thirty.  I don’t’ have a wife or a girlfriend.  No kids.  So I don’t have to worry about my decisions impacting anyone else.  I’m just worried that some time in the future, I may regret not having given it my all.
Wanting to Fly “

V:  Keep your day job.  Straight up.

Rhage is doing stand up comedy reviews this month , and it turns out we both love Michael McIntyre! He is absolutely BRILLIANT!

“Okay so this month, we’re going to do something a little different!  After you eat a ton on Thanksgiving, you need to chill and watch something.  Some people in my household go the football route, but I’m a Netflix kind of guy, and I want to suggest some stand-up comedians for your post-feast consideration.

Michael McIntyre

He is probably my favorite stand-up comic.  Hands down.  He’s a Brit, and he works pretty clean.  You can find clips from him on YouTube.  Some of my favs are “Why Do People with the Same Name Spell It Differently,” “My Name is Ackle Ackinckracker” and the absolute classic, “Christmas Food.”  That last one has the quip about “fart grenades from Belgium” and the first time I heard it I couldn’t stop laughing!  Again, you can find him on YouTube, and man, if he ever comes to the states and it’s dark enough when he does his act, I’m going!”

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