The Caldwell Courier Journal: June Issue!

Happy June , Leelans!
It haled yesterday. Let us just say , Summer arrives late here in Norway!
But for someone who LOVES the shade and cool drinks , the summer can just skip on over , haha.
Hope you all are enjoying the sun , or shade , and with no further hassle : This months issue of The Caldwell Courier Journal !


As I said last time, since Warden started her News Letter Mailing list , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!

I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the first issue you
received .

You can find past and future Issues here! :


So this months topic from Beth was Fathers’ Day !
And holy moly , are you all in for a treat!

The story she tells us , about all the Fathers in house getting together and doing all these crazy activities , had me laughing for hours after. Here`s a little taste of what`s awaiting you in the complete news letter:

Beth: Between the potato launcher, the golf cart, the skateboards, the snow skis, the sleds- oh, did I mention last summer Rhage tried to waterski in the pool?  He had an idea- these things always start with an idea, usually posited and vetted after Last Meal is done and everyone is relaxed and therefore ready to devise schemes that will cause death and dismemberment- that if he got some ski ropes, tied them together and attached them to the tow hook on the back of the R8, he could get enough speed going to slalom ski across the surface of the pool out back.  At the time, most of the females around the table laughed because we were sure this was a joke.  The mirth dried up quick when V refined the idea by suggesting that Ruhn’s pickup would be a better velocity proposition because its tires had great grip and you could all wheel drive it.  When we looked at him, he shrugged and said, “It’s going to tear up the lawn.  There are going to have to be multiple tries and that means both traction and clearance are going to be an issue.”

Again, Lassiter does not disappointed with his horoscopes!

This months theme is the classic movie : The Bodyguard!

My horoscope says:

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Taurus, you need to break free from something this month.  Small or large, relationship or in business or school, you need to stand on your own two feet.  You’ve been on the verge for a while.  Take a chance and own your future.  Your song is, Try It On My Own.  Listen to Miss Houston, see the wisdom of her words here.  It’s time for you to stand alone and claim your power! 

And as always , he is spot on!

So basically , a girl is having quite the dilemma on her hands. Her boyfriend is moving in with her , but he wants her to get rid of her 10 year old cat:

“The problem is, he says I need to give up my cat.  He says he’s allergic to her, and it’s true, he does take an allergy pill from time to time when he’s over here.  But I feel like he’s asking me to pick him over her.  She is one of the cats I grew up with.  We got her when I was 14.  She’s ten now, and I don’t want to give her back to my parents because they travel a lot now that my dad’s retired, and besides, she’s used to me and I’m used to her.  I feel like the transition would be hard on her and I also know I am more available to her than my mom and dad can be.  Is my boyfriend being unreasonable?  Am I a bad pet parent for considering the relocation of my cat?”

And V does let her know what HE means , is the right thing to do:

Vishous:  Keep the cat, ditch the loser-
Mary:  *shoots a glare over*  Can’t we start one of these on a more positive note?
V:  Okay, fine.  I am *air quotes* positive *air quotes* that you need to keep the cat and ditch the loser.  This is a permanent decision for the cat and a temporary one for your BF.  The cat shouldn’t bear the disruption because you two humans don’t know whether you’re taking a left or a right

This month , Rhage has been binge watching the hilarious Youtube king : The L.A beast!
This dude eats EVERYTHING , and records himself doing it!

And of course this hit straight home with our own Beastie boi , since he eats, almost , constantly!

Here`s a little of what Rhage thinks of it all! :

“Even though he starts every challenge with “Have a good day!”, his content is NOT for everyone.  Some of his videos are marked with Vomit Alerts so you can avoid those if you get squeamish, but a lot of them where he hurls are not marked.  What I love about this guy is the effort he puts into the videos.  Most are filmed in his parents’ garage or his apartment in L.A in his bedroom.  He puts Easter eggs in the backgrounds, like bottles of Crystal Pepsi, and the Captain America shield, and he accessories his narratives with little pop-ups that include his most famous one, a map of the Bering Straight, which perennially makes an appearance when he’s choking something back and needs to get his bearings straight.  His narratives are awesome, and he is careful to detail how much he pays for things, what they taste like, and how he’s faring in the challenges.  You know he’s in bad shape when he does the robot.  Often, he does a post game wrap-up from the floor of his bathroom.”

That was it for this month`s Caldwell Courier Journal News Letter!

Here you can read the whole thing!

So until next time , Leelans! Don`t forget the sunscreen!

Daggers up!

The BdaggerB

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