“Where Winter Finds You- A Caldwell Christmas” Cover Reveal!

Is it too early to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!?

Cause right now , it feels like Christmas day!

This beauty of a cover was just shared on Wardens Facebook page :

I pre-ordered my paperback on April 21st , at Amazon. It was only 7$!
Current release date is November 26th.
And estimated delivery for me here in Norway , is between December 20th and January 10th. I really hope I get it in time , cause it is all I want for Christmas!

Just the thought of getting the first ever BDB Christmas themed book is absolutely amazing , since the brothers did`nt really celebrate it until the humans moved in.

And I cant be the only one hoping for another Christmas (disaster) attempt from our boii Lassiter!?

And Trez and Selina will finally get their happily ever after ❤

You can get the book as a paperback , E-book or on audio CD!

Here you can order your copy:



Barnes & Noble;


Books A Million:




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