10 things buy a BDB fan !

Ever wondered what to get yourself , or a friend of yours , who loves The BDB?
What to get them for their birthday? For Christmas? Even anniversaries ?

Well, Look no further , Leelans !
I have listed my top 10 items , to get for a BDB fan!

Some of the items I have myself , and do they spark joy? Yes . Yes they do.

BDB Name and Dagger Clay Necklace !

This necklace is an absolute MUST for every BDB addict!
It is made out of clay , and the letters have been stamped into the clay. The fonts have a beautiful silver finish to them. It also has an super fitting dagger attached to it.
You can chose between a black waxed cotton cord or a silver stainless steel chain.

This necklace is $10 and shipping is super fast!
Highly recommended!

The seller is : MyMyMagic

She is located in USA , and shipping to Norway was absolutely lightning fast!


2: BDB – 9oz Soy Wax Candle

This amazing candle , with the scent of french vanilla , is a perfect candle to have burning by your side while you`re reading your favorite BDB book!
It is made out of soy wax , and has approx 40-50 hours of burn time.
You can also choose a candle specifically designed to replicate the bonding scent of a brother or female! Can you imagine , coming home after a hard days work ,and just be bombarded with scent of a brother , as if he was there? *swoons*

The candle is $16 , and it will last you an eternity !

The seller is ; acourtofcandles
Located in USA.


3: BDB
Book Cover Necklace !

Ok , Shellans , this one is pretty cool!
Dont you ever wish you could have your favorite book on you , at all time?
This amazing book cover necklace is made out of metal , and comes in either bronze or silver finish.
The chains varies depending on what necklace you buy, either a ball chain or a regular metal chain.
The book cover picture is in HD and the glass makes it look as it almost POPS OUT of the pendant!

The necklace is $19.36 . and shipping was fast!

The seller is : OllieBooJewelry
Location: Canada .


4: BDB Bead necklace!

This super adorable necklace is made out of beads , spelling your favorite brothers name!
You can choose between white or silver beads.

You can also choose to have it as a bracelet! A Perfect set!

The necklace is $9.33 and the bracelet is $6.99

The seller is : FanStuffAndMore
Location: Germany.


5: BDB mug!

Here comes the mug everyone is talking about!

If your heart belongs to that special Brother , this is definitely the mug for you !

The mug holds 12 ounces and is a great mug for both hot and cold drink

It has the most amazing font and gives you the proper BDB vibe! You feel me?!


I paid $12 for mine , and it arrived fast!

The seller is: PresleysPoint
Location: USA


6: BDB Christmas Ornament!

This beauty is from the same seller that makes the BDB mugs!

You can choose the name of your favorite brother , and it will say BDB on the back
It is filled with red sparkly glitter and has a little black bow at the top.

They are standard ornament size. Roughly 80 mm or 3 inches , so they will match all your other ornaments as well.

The seller has the option to buy all the names in a bundle , which comes in handy! ( That`s what she saaiiiiid)

I ordered mine on December 18th and got it on December 23rd , so obviously Lassiter had a hassle delivering it so fast!

The ornament cost $ 6.50 each !

The seller is : PresleysPoint
Location: USA


7: BDB Patch!

What better way to represent your BDB, than wearing these patches!?
They are made out of durable polyester , which is perfect for rainy days!

The patches are 4 x 2 inches and can fit perfectly almost on everything.

You can chose between a red or black version!

Each patch is : 11.99

Shipping was slow , but it was during Christmas season , so that might explain why.

The seller is: Cafe Press
Location: Netherlands , Belgium , UK and USA.



This beauty is perfect for keeping all your favorite BDB jewelry in!

As you can see , it comes in different colors !
It is made out of solid hardwood with high-gloss lacquer finish, either in black gray or mahogany !

Interior is fully lined in white velvet; bottom is covered in felt

Measures 5.5″x5.5″x2.25″ with a 4.25″x4.25″ ceramic tile with the BDB design of your choice!

Price for this box i $29.99 and it is made in China.
Shipping was reasonable .

The seller is : Cafe Press
Location: Netherlands , Belgium , UK and USA.


8: BDB T-shirt!

Here you cant go wrong!

We cant all carve our favorite brothers name in our backs , so this T-shirt will just have to do!

You can choose whatever color you want , and it also comes in a Men`s shirt.

My shirt is a Size L , and it has a loose fit m which is perfect!

The shirt is $30.

Shipping was fast on this on actually!

The seller is : Cafe Press
Location: Netherlands , Belgium , UK and USA.


10: Dagger scarf !

This adorable silky dagger scarf is from Sourpuss clothing , and is super comfy!

It is made of 100% Polyester and the daggers are white vinyl pressing.

Since it measures 21″ x 21″ , I decided to use it as a tablecloth !

The seller is : Sourpuss Clothing
Location: Europe and USA


ok , I`ll list another treat for you all !

Made by Sourpuss, this hand painted . ceramic jewelry box is perfect for all your BDB gems!It measures about 4x 4×2 inches and has a beautiful laqouer finish !

It is 10 $ and shipping is super fast !


What would you get yourself , if you could choose out of all these amazing items?

So until next time , Leelans : Daggers up!

The Bdaggerb

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