It’s times like these you pray for Murhder!

Oh , Shellans , were do I even start.

My Savior has yet to come save me.

Yesterday , The book was still not released at my local bookstore, or at the only online bookshop who has the book , I checked again today , AND IT`S STILL NOT UP FOR ORDER!!

I`m losing whatever sanity I have left , waiting for this book to be dropped , so I can order it. And actually get it in time , so I can join the discussions.

It is never fun to be that person who is like 6 months behind , cause :

1: NONE of your 4 local bookstores has it.
2: Not a SINGLE library has a SINGLE book of the ENTIRE series!?!?
3: The 1 out of 4 online bookstores who has it , have it listed , but not as a pre-order , but as a wish list item.

What is a girl gonna do!? Will I never get to read it?!

You are right , I COULD download it , but that is an extra 19 $ , and let us be honest: Reading E-books on a phone screen is a recipe for a migraine attack.

So , I`m just gonna go watch all the discussions group FILLED with pictures of this glorious book , while I listen to Disturbed`s version of Sound of silence .

So until next time , fangs out!

The BdaggerB

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