It`s that time of the month again : NEWS LETTER TIME!!

Since Warden started her new News Letter , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!
I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the March issue.

If you lucked out twice , and did not receive either of the Caldwell Courier Journals , you can read them here:

This months issue is absolute pure gold.

At the Ask A Brother column , All the girl`s dads in the house got the worst question imaginable :
What are the fathers’ thoughts on their daughters dating?

And the answers are as we all thought: IT AIN`T GONNA HAPPEN.

My personal favorite :

Blay:  *leaning forward*  Um, you guys realized that Nalla, Lyric and Bitty are going to have s-

Rhage:  *plugs ears*  Lalalalalalalalalalala not hearing that-

Xcor:  No, they will not-

Qhuinn:  Never in my lifetime-

Z:  *shaking head like he’s having a seizure*

Blay:  *sitting back*  Wow.  This is really going to get interesting after their transitions.

Can you imagine being in that room during that conversation?

In this issue we finally get Rhage`s film reviews!
And the first movie he reviews is on of my favorite movies of all time!

When Death Becomes Her!

Lets just start with the description: Doing the nasty to each other.

Like how is it that this dude makes almost everything he does , funny?

I cant remember Rhage being anything other than absolutely hilarious , no matter what state his mind or body might be in.

And the fact that during these 14 years of the series , every movie mention he has ever given , has been only golden ones, says something about his charachter as well.

Rhages decides to watch this with Lassiter and Vishous , pefect combo, right?

Favorite part:

”  Rhage: Do NOT watch this with Lassiter.  He gets too excited about the dance number opening, I think he has a crush on Isabella Rossellini (which I can understand, but I’m not sure whether he was into her as a fellow demi-god or whether the pool shot threw him over the edge,) and afterward, he will go around your house saying, “Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacid” in peoples’ ears for like three days.

Watch Along (with V and Lassiter- not a good combination, btw, if you’re looking to concentrate on the movie.)

1:57     You know, I like a good flashback.  This takes us back to 1978 (from 1992, that was 13 years.  Now, it’s forty-one years.) 
2:37     Dance number.  Lassiter is insisting on us playing it back again so he can sing along. At this point, I am wishing I am Hell getting blasted backwards into that fountain later in the movie.

2:50     V is saying her dress is the color of my eyes.  Lassiter is telling him he has a crush on me.  And… yup, V is suggesting the fallen angel would like to be bitch slapped with 700,000 volts of electrical shock courtesy of his cursed hand.  Great.  So glad these two are here watching with me. 
3:59     Bruce Willis fugly.  LOVE it. “

I absolutely loved this part . Just the vision of them three , sitting together , watching this movie unfold , just WOW! My laughter must have been heard , world wide!

This part was pretty simple: V`s advice was the same as last month`s: Grow some balls!

This months cards are from the show Moonlighting !
You know , the show where Bruce Willis got noticed and got his role in DIE HARD?

Wings gives every star sign their perfect episode!

Heres mine:

If you want to read the full issue , you can read it here! :

Hope you all are having a BDB filled , Spring day!

*All content from the news letter is the property of J.R Ward*

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