A BDB Christmas Story?!

Am I Dreaming?!

As you all remember , on April 2nd .Warden did a live stream on her Facebook page !
Since The Savior was released the same day, it was mostly spoiler free , but filled with goodies!
The April issue of the Caldwell Courier Journal news letter were also sent out on this eventful day, and it was HILARIOUS! If you havent read it , here you go!:

So , as I`m still waiting for my copy of the Savior to arrive in the mail , so I haven`t gotten to get to know Murhder yet , but am I excited? HELL YES!

But , back to the live stream!

Warden talked about upcoming BDB releases , and she blew us all away with the news of an CHRISTMAS STORY being published ! It will be a physical book , as I understood it , and are to be published around November 15th . Perfect gift for Christmas , am I right?!
She said that we will get a second part to Trez and Selina`s story , as well as seeing how The Brothers celebrates this holiday with their Shellans and youngs.
And she also said Lassiter wont be stuck in the chimney , again!

The book will be titled: Where Winter Finds You – A Caldwell Christmas .
Just the title alone , tells us its going to be an amazing book!

This means we have THREE books this year!

1: The Savior ( That we just got)

2: The BDB Legacy : Blood Truth, Ca August 17th

3: Where Winter Finds You – A Caldwell Christmas , Ca November 15th

2019 is definitely a year of The BDB!
I cant wait to get The Savior in the mail so I can get to know our boiii , Murhder!

Hope you all have a Murhderus day , reading your Savior!

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