“A Warm Heart In Winter” U.S Paperback!

Hi , Daggers!
Today I finally got my paperback of “A Warm Heart In Winter”!
It is so pretty and look at that fangtastic Christmas red font!

After the new Paperback publisher took over the production ,It has a total different feel to it , from the rest of the paperbacks in the series.

Same as The Savior and The Sinner , This edition is published by Pocket Books.

I know many have experienced getting books with pages missing , some pages falling out and misprints/ink spots. This has happened with the previous editions (Savior,Sinner) as well , and one can only wonder what the reason behind these malfunctions are.

My copy did not have any of the problems mentioned above , but the cover was damaged.

I know some of you might think , “it`s just a paperback , it`s meant to be read”.
Well ,if this had been an old book/edition , it would not have bothered me at all.
But as an collector , I expect new books`s condition to be just that ; New.
And I take EXCELLENT care of each book I have. These tiny portals to other worlds are some of my most cherished possessions.

Release date was December 1st , The book was $12 and arrived today ,December 8th!
Delivery times are horrendous due to COVID19 , which is totally understandable.

I really hope 2021 will be a better year , than the 2020 dumpster fire.

Now I am waiting for the U.K Hardcover version and I am soooo excited !
I love reading the U.K hardcovers due to their larger size and bigger font size.

Q:Have you gotten your copy yet?

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