“A Warm Heart In Winter” is here!

Daggers! It’s finally December 1st and you know what that means!

Thousands of copies of A Warm Heart In Winter has hopefully arrived in mail boxes and tablets all over the world!

I read this book last night and it’s absolutely a warm,but tough story. We got to see a lot of Zsadist,whom I absolutely ADORE!😍

Ward included a suicide prevention information at the end of the book, as the plot of this book has a lot of mental health related issues in it, which might have a triggering effect in some readers.

This book is one of the darker ones in the series,but highly recommended nonetheless 🖤

As Where Winter Finds You, this book is only available in hardcover if you order it from the U.K! :


“Destiny is never wrong. And love is never wasted.”- Lassiter

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