Lassiter preview and announcement!

J.R. Ward shared a snippet of Lassiter’s upcoming book and mentioned an announcement she’s making soon!

Lassiter chapter Seven:
Rhavyn could not believe she had found Lassiter.
She had not understood the golden arches that she had been shown,and this eatery,whatever it was, had not been her intended destination. Yet,when she had re-formed? She had found herself before the landmark the book had shown her-so clearly, this was the ancient tomes doing. This coming here.
“Would you like fries with that?” Lassiter said unto her.
Staring up into the male’s eyes,she briefly lost her voice. Such extraordinary eyes he had,all the colors at once ringing around his pupils,the hues swirling and iridescent. And his gaze what not the only thing that arrested her . Though her memory of him had been keen, it was nothing compared to his actual physical presence, his blonde-and-black hair gleaming in the dull lighting,his shoulders so broad under his black pullover, his lowe body filling out loose black pants she recalled being referred to joggers.
Breathing through her nose, she scented earth and pine upon him.

You can preorder the regular version hardcover here!

Lassiter book

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