‘Lover Unveiled’ Virtual Signing is open! (With “how to order” guide)

It’s that time of year again, Daggers!

J.R. Ward’s VS for Lover Unveiled is now open 💚

Before we start:


There’s multiple phishing links in the comments on Ward’s post about the VS,But her shop is the ONLY place to get it.

So,let’s start the guide!

1: Add Book to Cart

It’s imperative that you DO NOT CHOOSE/PRESS the PayPal/apple pay /buy it now option button here,this will take you directly to checkout and the “Special instructions for seller box” WILL NOT pop-up.

2: Write the name you want the book signed to/for : ex . To Lexi / For Lexi

3: Click Check out

4: Choose Express Checkout


5: Fill in the form ,then choose preferred payment method

*Fictional adress and information*

6: Choose Shipping method (PS: they ship internationally)

7:Complete Order

That’s it! you have now successfully ordered a signed hardcover copy of Lover Unveiled! Fangtastic, true?

NB! The book will not ship until April 20th⚔

Cover picture by J.R Ward/ Jillian Stein

Content rights on the screenshots belongs to www.jrwardvs.com

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