“The Caldwell Courier Journal” Postponed!

Hi ,Daggers!

As you might have heard , J,R Ward posted a message on her Facebook page , that The Caldwell Courier Journal is postponed trough out the end of the year.
Ward has become the caregiver of her mother, whom had suffered a life-threatening medical condition:

“Hi everyone- so unfortunately, a close family member has suffered a life-threatening medical condition, and for the past month and forseeable future, I am their caregiver (which I am honored to be.) It’s important to stick to my production schedule for the up and coming books and I can do it- but I don’t have the time to do the monthly Caldwell Courier Journal and need to suspend it through the end of the year. I will be posting from time to time, and we’ll be doing our regular posts about our holiday book A WARM HEART IN WINTER. Also, I’ll be doing my talk with Christine Feehan in November for the KY Book Fair and my Skye Warren talk in December. Other than that, I’m just taking care of things here with my mom. Thank you in advance for your understanding. A full recovery is expected and for that, we are all beyond grateful. This whole thing has been an important reminder that we need to hold our loved ones close and not take for granted that there’s endless time in front of us.
Sending love, J.R.”

Sending all prayers and positive energy to Ward and her mother ❤

One thought on ““The Caldwell Courier Journal” Postponed!

  1. So sorry to hear that your mom is sick. I hope she makes a full recovery. We only have one mom and we have to take care of her while we are blessed to have her. I hope you take care of yourself also JR. Love all your books and hope to keep reading them. Best wishes to your mom and you.


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