“The Jackal”Hardcover w/ dagger letter opener!

Happy Phury Friday , Daggers!

My Signed copy from the J.R Ward zoom event hosted by Northshire Books arrived today!

Since this Q and A event was an online event , that meant we international fans could attend for the very first time!
The event was similar to Ward´s Facebook lives , but in this event , all the fans were visible to Ward trough their own webcams! It was amazing!

Had to capture me and Ward on the same screen, haha!

So the ticket was $33 + $38 for international shipping. WORTH IT!
For the $33 we got a signed hardcover copy of The Jackal and a limited edition Dagger Letter opener. Shipping was also included in that price if you were a US resident.

Same as the VS edition , The book came gift wrapped and the dagger was in a protective plastic sleeve.

Look at that dagger!
lovely silk paper to match the Sons of Tohrture`s eyes!
I can totally see Rhage on this cover! Jackal must be almost identical!
I was so honoured when I saw what lovely message Ward left in my copy ❤
The double sided engraving is stunning!
I really hope Northshire will continue to do these online events<3

Did you attend this online event?

Until next time , daggers up!

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