J.R Ward live event @Northshire Bookstore!

Happy Phury Friday ,Daggers!🖤

J.R Ward just announced she will be doing a online live event for the jackal , over at Northshire bookstore on August 20th at 5 pm EST!🖤
The ticket is 31$ and you get a signed hardcover copy of the Jackal and a custom letter opener (which both will be sent home to you after the event.)

The live event will be held in a Zoom room (online conference platform),which means that you will get a link sent to your email on the day of the event ,and it will take you directly to the zoom room.

The “Zoom” waiting room will be opened about half an hour before the event if anyone wants to log on early.

Here you can buy your ticket!⚔️

And yes, Shipping IS included in the price. Which makes this cheaper than the VS. AND you get a letter opener in the package as well.


I’m so excited!😍

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