“The Jackal” Virtual Signing is now open!

jrUnholy Lessers ,Daggers!

The day is finally here and we get to order our personalized, SIGNED copies of “The Jackal”!

For you who do not know ,The Jackal is the first book in the brand new spin-off series: The prison Camp series!
In these series we will encounter different characters  , whom serve time in an Ex- Glymerian , abandoned , underground prison . Not even the King himself , knows about it!
In this book , we meet Jackal “Jack” and Nyx,
Nyx is out , looking for her Sister , which clues has led her to the prison. Here she meets Jackal.

Did I mention that Jackal is Rhages`s HALF-BROTHER?

Now , the prison is abandoned , but it is still run by an absolutely sadistic and insane Warden. This dude ends up trying to kill both Jackal and Nyx , and also some of the BDB , when they are called upon for help. YIKES, TRUE?!

We also get to meet our very first Wolfen , Lycan , in this book !

Ward said there might be 5-6 books in this series , before ,MAYBE , returning to the Legacy series again. Time will tell.

Here you can read the synopsis: https://thebdaggerb.com/2020/01/13/the-jackal-us-cover-reveal/

Ward has moved to anew shop, with cheaper shipping! YAY!😍

The book is $28 , and shipping varies depending on where you live in the world.
If you have not done a Virtual Signing before , it is quite easy!

Click this link, it will take you to Ward’s shop: https://jrwardvs.com/

1: You add the book to basket.

2: Go to checkout

3: Add your name in the message to seller box ,Ex: To Lexi or For Lexi. etc.

4: Choose shipping

5: Choose the payment option you want to use


And that`s it!
The book will be shipped ON August 18th , and will arrive in  beautifully wrapped silk paper !

You can also buy the non-personalized edition , for the same prize , at Barnes & Noble:

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