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In this month’s issue of the CCJ we get to join in on the BDB family’s plans for Valentines and we’ll finally get to know,once and for all, is Vishous actually a jerk?


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Beth starts the introduction with telling us her plans for valentines with Wrath. She says how she can’t wait to get 24 hours alone with her husband .

Wrath is also taking her to Manhattan!

The whole BDB family has agreed that Valentines is now an official holiday,and everyone has that day off!

Beth also talks about the lonely part of Valentines. She herself has been there, and she wants everyone to know that there’s no shame in being alone,and that valentines is just a normal day. spend it doing something that makes you happy!

Ok,so this months counterpoint it’s Lassiter VS Tohr,and it’s hilarious.

The topic this time around, is ; Is Vishous a jerk?

All news to Tohr,who was told that this round would be about Twix vs Snickers,haha!

And omg do the cons and pros list up great:

1: Vishous is a jerk because he didn’t follow your roster last night.

2: Vishous is a jerk because he hacked into the local news station’s website and posted that Van Halen is getting back together with David Lee Roth for a tour. While he was out in the field last night. When he should have been working.

Con (Tohr): He did what?

Pro (Lassiter): *takes out his phone* Here’s the screen shot with time stamp. It’s off the site now. The tease broke my heart.

3: Vishous is a jerk because he ate all of your Pringles.

Con (Tohr): Wait, what? No, he didn’t.

Pro (Lassiter): Then why is the Pit’s recycling bin full of six empty tubes of the Extra Hots? And no, it’s not Butch or the ladies of that house. Butch says the aftertaste doesn’t go with scotch and those females think that Pringles are not actually food. No offense.

Con (Tohr): *muttering* What a jerk. Those were the last six at Hannaford. I bought them myself.

4: Vishous is a jerk because he cheats at pool.

5: Pro (Lassiter): Vishous is a jerk because he put glitter in my bed.

Con (Tohr): I am not touching that one.

Pro (Lassiter): Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts! It got everywhere-into places where I don’t need to shimmer!

Con (Tohr): Says he of the a$$-less chaps.

Pro (Lassiter): And it’s itchy. Although that could just be my brain.

Con (Tohr): Do not get me started on your mental status.

Time to decide who won! S

Tohr: *rolling eyes* So now what happens?

Lassiter: We wait for Mary to tell us who won and award the donut- excuse me. What are you doing here?

V:  *comes out from behind the bar with some Goose in a tumbler*  Didn’t you see me?

Lassiter: No, because you just materialized-

V: I’m the judge this week. *holds up hand* Didn’t you notice Mary wasn’t in the room? Dayum, son, you’re getting soft. How did you think she was going to judge? And Mary and I are partners, and I decided to take a little off her plate. She’s been working so hard lately. Now, where were we. *eyes Tohr* And sorry about the Pringles. I couldn’t eat just one.

Tohr: That’s Lays, not Pringles, FYI. And what the hell, V. You stole my stash.

Lassiter: *points to V* Liar, cheater, thief-

V: I’ll pay you back. *points at Lassiter* Tacky, lazy, boring-

Lassiter: *recoils on a gasp* I am notboring! How dare you.

Tohr: *looks around* I wish Mary were here.

V: And as for the winner? Lassiter wins. I am a jerk.

Lassiter: *blinks* Say what?

Tohr: *shakes his head* No, you’re not-

V: And I get the donut. *takes it**eats it in front of the other two* Sh*t, this is delicious.

Tohr: *gets up* You are a jerk. I wanted that donut.

V: *nods out to the foyer* You want we go get some more together? We can dematerialize into town. Grab a Dunkin’. Chill.

Tohr: I would love that. Thank you. And we really have to talk about you not following roster.

V: I know. It was my bad call. But I felt like Qhuinn needed a little extra backup because Rhamp has been teething and he was up all day. If it happens again, I’ll check in with you first.

Tohr: *claps palms with the Brother* Good deal. Thanks.

Lassiter: *gets up* Hey, can I come with?

V: No.

Tohr: No.

Lassiter: *stamps Stitch slipper as they leave together* You guys are both jerks!”

I feel so sorry for that Angel, he did such an effort to create a good time for everyone, and they not only ate his donut, they leave him behind,those jerks!

Ok,so Vishous wasn’t as vicious as he was last month .

He tries his best to answer the writer who has a problem with her boyfriend not giving her any attention to her on Valentine’s Day. She does not expect any romance rest of the year, but she just wishes her man would do something special for her on this day. And Vishous tries his best to give her some tips:

V: The boyfriend’s an SOB. Hopeless is perfect in every way. She should break up with him because Prince Charming is just around her corner and unlike the rube she’s with now, the next guy is going to send her twelve dozen red roses in front of all her fellow workers and she’s going to win first prize finally in the Boyfriend Olympics. There. You happy now?

Mary: V, you’re a jerk.

V: I know. That’s why I got the donut. Moving on.

V: Well, okay… I can give the safe space sh*t a try. See… that statement bothered me, too. About her going to the guy and being all, I’d like you to do something for me on a just-case. I think anything a couple does to impress other people is bullsh*t- Instagram, I’m looking at you. But what does it cost him to override his distaste for heart sh*t if it’s important to her?

Mary: *claps* Exactly!!! See, you can do this!

V: I mean, f*ck him. Like he can’t drop $2 bucks on a lame-a$$ card with some stupid poem in it-

Mary: *smacks forehead* Your delivery is soterrible-

V: Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck at being a boyfriend, but you just want to show-off, too. They’re meant for each other.

Mary: *mutters* Annnnnnnd there it is.

V: Look, Hopeless, just check your motivation, okay? If you honestly only want him to send you something because it’ll make you feel good, give you a smile, and cheer your day up? Then I’d sit him down, talk to him one more time, and if you believe he’s not budging or hearing you? Then probably he’s doing the same thing in other parts of your relationship. Maybe that’s more what the feeling of dread’s about. Maybe it’s not the Valentine’s Day sh*t, it’s all the other times he’s not taking to you into account. Like, vacations, money decisions, where to live, what to do. Does he compromise when you two disagree? Do you feel like there’s a lot of instances like that, where you go to him and make a request that’s not a screamer, but ultimately reasonable, and he just f*cks you off? If that’s the case, you gotta get out. The relationship’s no good. On the other hand, if you’re really just going jelly over what your co-workers are getting? And the rest of the relationship is going okay? Then you gotta drop this sh*t. There’s no reason to beat the guy over the head because you want to compete with the other people at work. The answer to your question lies inside of yourself- *double takes at Mary* What.

Mary: OMG, yes, V. That’s what I think, too.

V: *holds out knuckles* Pound me.

Rhage: This month, I want to talk about Cheer, the Netflix documentary on Navarro College’s championship-wining cheer squad. I got into it because Bitty had heard about it online, and Mary and I have a rule that we watch content like that with her. (By “content like that,” I am referring to something that Bitty learned about from her friends or from human sources that deals with adult themes or issues.) Mary has been busy in the last month at Safe Place, so I volunteered to watch the six episodes with our kid.

As for the series, it appears that there will be a second season! I am all in, of course. But I still worry about the coach and the injuries.

So, yeah, I highly recommend hitting Cheer! And oh, Jerry, please come mat talk me and the brothers and the fighters as we head out for the night some time. It would be awesome!


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I hope you all will have a fangtastic Valentines , alone or with someone 🖤

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