The Caldwell Courier Journal: January Issue!

Hi Leelans!
The first CCJ of the year just hit my inbox , and there are absolutely some changes in it!


As I said last time, since Warden started her News Letter Mailing list , she has experienced some technical difficulties for some of the subscribers getting their news letter.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls, FEAR NOT!

I hear rumors that unsubscribing to the News letter and then re- subscribe , will fix the problem!
You will find the link to the un-subscription page at the very bottom of the e-mail you got for the first issue you 
received .

You can find past and future Issues here! :

Beth introduces the CCJ with how much she loved New Years eve , and how she is going to hide Butch and V`s fireworks stash,next year , haha!

She also brings up some changes that are going to be happening in the news letter from now on.

One of the first things to change , is Lassiter`s horoscope column. Instead , he will be doing a debate column , where he will be VS another Brother/Shellan etc , and of course , there will be a judge in it all.
This month , it`s Lassiter VS Vishous , and Mary was the judge.

Here is what the Angel had to say about it:

Lassiter: “The true measure of intelligence is how accurately you can throw a cream pie in someone’s face at dinner.  I kid!  I kid!  That’s how you test aim and follow through.  When it comes to smarts, debate is the best way to test one IQ against another.  So of course, in this first, inaugural Point/Counterpoint column, I’ve roped Vishous into being on the other side of the table.  (I actually had to pay him $100- who knew he was that cheap?)

Here are the rules. 
1: Five rounds on a topic of my choice where there is a pro and con. 
2: Coin toss determines who gets pro, who gets con. 
3: At the end of the rounds, a winner is determined by a disinterested third party.
4: The Jelly Donut of Victory is awarded to the winner. “

You can read who won here!:

Ok , Leelans. This months Agony Aunt(s) segment was HARSH.
Vishous , bless him , just says what he means , and what can I say , truth hurts.

The letter writer , wrote Vishous aboy how she feels her life is a waste and she struggles with enjoying her job,friends etc.
She also writes that she KNOWS she will get no sympathy from V , but she dosent know what else to do.

And V really shows his ruthless side in this segment. The one he is legendary for:


Poor Mary tries to do her best to explain how depression works , and mention some tool the letter write can try to lift her self up.

and V , well…:  “F*ck the tool box and to hell with the baby steps.  Grow up.  No one is coming to save you.  No one cares about your life as much as you do.  Your life is your responsibility and nobody else’s.  Expecting the world to wrap its arms around you and pat you on the back and tell you that Everything Is Going To Be Fine is bullsh*t, and using the fact that that is not happening as a justification for depression is beyond lame.  There are people who died before they reached thirty-one years old- do you think they wouldn’t love to be where you are right now?  Life is a gift and you’re treating it like you don’t like the color it came in.  That’s disgraceful as far as I’m concerned and I hope you continue to suffer in your pool of self-absorption and self-pity. “

Vishous is absolutely right tho ( Except for his wish for the letter writer to continue to suffer) , he just do not care to sugarcoat it . And with his upbringing , it might have something to do with the fact that the letter writer seems to be without any physical or psychological trauma to make her feel this way , whilst Vishous went thru ages of torture . If anyone has the right to be depressed , it`s him. And when the dark of his subconsciousness gets the better of him , what does he do? He self-harms and drinks , maybe get a little high too?
So he is not the one to pretend that he can`t relate to the feeling This letter writer is telling him about.
Vishous will be Vishous , and the letter writer knew what she was getting herself into , poor soul.

Well , this is the first!
The movie Rhage is review this month , is one o f the few i have not seen!
I have seen all prior Fast & Furious films , but only once.
Like , I love the cars , and the action , it`s just that it can be a little too much cliches in them , for my liking.
But the newest one has Ryan Reynolds in it, frigging deadpool and pikachu , so you KNOW it`s gonna be good!
Will definitely check this one out tho , I see it is on Viaplay for rent for $5!

Rhage: “Happy New Years!  Or is it New Year’s?  I don’t know.  But what I am clear on is that I watched the best movie on the first day of 2020!  Now, I realize this offering may not be to everyone’s taste.  But I also am aware that most of you will not be surprised I loved it.

Hobbs & Shaw!  Come on!  You know you wanna!  Johnson.  Statham.  The Rock and the English Blade!  IDRIS ELBA as a badass bad guy.  Vanessa Kirby as Deckard Shaw’s awesome sister.  This movie had everything I like: car chases, car explosions, bromance, romance (just one kiss, but it was epic,) one liners, and a helicopter with a string of trucks on it.

Okay, that last thing, I’ve never seen before.  But I want more. “

To read the full CCJ , you can do that here:

* All borrowed content belongs to J.R Ward *

I hope you all are as excited as I am for next months issue!

Until next time , BDB family ❤
Daggers up!

The Bdaggerb

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