Is It Christmas Yet?!

Holy Lessers , Leelans!

We are now in the middle of October , which mean it is now only 42 (!) days until the new BDB novella ” Where Winter Finds You: A Caldwell Christmas” is published!

I pre-ordered this back in April from Amazon ,and it is not expected to be delivered to me until January 10th, so I might have to try and get the e-book on release day!

Warden shared the very first Quote from the book on her Facebook page today , and you can tell you`re gonna need some multiple boxes of tissues !

As tradition has it with each new book release, Warden will have a live stream on her Facebook page on November 26th!

If you haven`t ordered your Christmas present yet , you can get yours here!

Until next time , Leelans!
Daggers up!

The BdaggerB

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