New BDB “Spin off”series announced!

*Picture from J.R Ward Facebook page*


I did some notes from Wardens live stream, that she had on her Facebook page earlier regarding the release of ” Blood Truth”and am I  excited!?

She mentioned a whole bunch of amazing treats that are coming our way , so lets go thru them!

1: Wolfen( New species/ Werewolves/Wolves) series comes out in in November 2020 . The series will be in paper back and e-book only.
Warden has long mentioned the Wolfen , and now we will get to know them!
She also said that Syn might have something to do with them. As in being a half breed .

2: Dark lover reissued in hardback with original cover!!
yes! She said she has talked to her publisher and they are now working on getting Dark Lover reissued with the original cover in HARDBACK! There will also be a virtual signing for it!

3: The cover of The Sinner will be revealed at the ROR !
The Cover will be unveiled during the weekend she is  at the Readers on the River event in Louisville, Kentucky in September!

4: Special edition hardback for “where winter finds you”.
Warden said that there will be a limited edition Where winter finds you” for the Hardback collecting Leelans out there!

5: Syn`s book will be like the early BDB books!
Warden is considering having her first content warning on this book cause of a very disturbing scene in it.

6:Lash comes back in The Sinner. In company with Devina. Number one evilest couple after Team Rocket?

7: An Insiders guide 2 will probably arrive during  2021.
It will contain a full novella as well as a collection of the new letters and her new ” Fridays are for writers” segments.

8: Lassiter will eventually get his own book!
AND , he will play a big part in ” Where winter finds you”

9: Physical copy of “prisoner of night”. And maybe Dearest Ivie .
Ultimately a complete collection of all her novellas , in a physical format.

10: She will start drafting the Sinner on September 1st .
I am so excited to see how this book plays out!

11: Open to making of  a BDB series /movie .
Warden said if she could find the right people to represent the brothers , she would love to see the BDB become a series or a Hollywood movie.

12: After December 2019,She talked about wanting to changing up the news letters format  to actual scenes. Or example the mating ceremony between Saxton and Rhun .

13: Five book series on all the kids HEA . The books would be set 50 years ahead in time, We would get to see all the young`s partners meet their parents!
I can only imagine Rhage and Zsadist faces! (PS: all the kids  will survive the transition)

14: Throe is dead

15: Xhex and Payne joins the brother hood .
This really excites me! I have always wanted the females to join the brotherhood!
Warden mentioned the problem JM and Vishous might have with seeing Jm`s shellan sand V`s sister naked. But at the end, that`s how the BDB induction is , so they just have to suck it up , or get tied up!

16: JM will NEVER know he is Darius.
So that puts all the wishful thinking of getting to know more of Darius , to rest.

Here you can watch the whole video!

Until next  time!
Daggers up!

The Bdaggerb

2 thoughts on “New BDB “Spin off”series announced!

  1. J.R. Ward is DEFINETLY “busy!” Her new ideas/ventures have me EXCITED!!!! I don’t know HOW you do it-“BRAVO!!!” and Respect. I can’t wait!

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