BDL: Blood Truth Virtual Signing!

Holy sh*t , Leelans!

I just ordered mys first EVER signed book by J.R Ward!

The total came to 52$ , shipping being the most expensive part. It aint easy living in Norway , Leelans , I`m telling yah!

It is a BDL book , and I am just so excited to get it!

The pictures I have seen of signed books are absolutely stunning.
Gift wrapped with an amazing bow looking thing , with ones name on it! *Swoon*

It wont be shipped until August 13th , which means I probably wont have it until the end of August , seeing shipping takes awhile.

But hey! Im over the moon with getting it , even if I have to wait for it a little longer ❤

You can get yours here!

The signing closes on August 4th , so hurry up while it is in stock!

Until next time!
Daggers up!

The Bdaggerb

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