10 reasons why You should read the BDB series!

Hi , there, good folks!
Do you have a jolly moment to talk about our scribe virgin and savior , J.R Ward?

Do you ,like me,have no friends in real life who reads The Black Dagger Brotherhood series?

Is “why” the constant comeback you get , when asking your friend to read a BDB book?

And when you tell them it’s about vampires,you get the ultimate, soul crushing insult: “God no! Not another Vampire story!I’ve watched Twilight and Vampire Diaries.  It scarred me for life”

Fear not!

Today I will give you 10 good reasons for  you and friend(s) to read this amazing series !

1: The Brothers

So lets just all agree , The Brothers are what make this whole series so amazing.
You have so many different characters to fall in love with(Heeey,Z). Or hate. (*loud gun cock* I`m looking at you ,David.)

I can absolutely guarantee you  , that one of these brothers will be your instant favorite. There is just no way of escaping their charm . Not that you would want to either !

2: Humor

The humor in these book are out of this world! Often greatly delivered by our favorite comedian: Rhage! With special acts from the one and only glorified sidekick: Lassiter!

But all bothers,and shellans, have a great sense of humor!

Among all the tragedy , there is golden moments, like this: 

Rehvenge:“Ehlena…” He released a long, slow breath. “I can’t go back to the way things were.”
Ehlena: “If you mean a drug lord and a pimp, somehow I’m not crushed.” 

3: Still ongoing

Yes! This series started in 2005 and is still going strong!

There is also  an Spin off series called “Black Dagger Legacy”!
Here we get to meet the recruits and get a different view of the BDB world.

J.R Ward also gives us some novellas , these are usually not related to the BDB brothers , Except for “Father Mine”. But they are definitely just as amazing as the books! Especially ” Father mine” . That novella will always be my number 1!

4: Real life experiences

If there is something that need to be said about the story in these books , it is that J.R Ward writes about real life problems.  Both alcohol and drug  addiction,  PTSD , anger problems, abuse and self harm. Poverty and corruption is also mentioned. The ever longing  need of redemption and the ultimate self sacrifice for a better life.

It`s almost as if each brother represent each problematic theme.

But the glory here , is how we get to come on the journey to recovery for each brother( and shellans) , and that is in my honest opinion , the best part ❤ 

5: Not THAT kind of a Vampire series

NO. It ain`t THAT kind of a Vampire series!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is not for the faint hearted. It does have a lot of romance in it , but it is not the soft kind. But sometimes it is , haha!

It is gory , dark and tragic. But also gives us the counterpart to these. 

It also has both the happily ever after , the tragic endings , and the realistic aspects of a relationship. Both for partners,lovers and friends.

6: Fashion

Yup! You have some fashion addicted Vampires in this series. Both male and female. And they are all super fuzzy and know what they want!

7: Music

J.R Ward gives her readers a great tool to get to be more one with the characters , by naming the songs they are listening to. I absolutely LOVE this about these books.
Since music sets such an mood , getting to put on the song at the same time as the character does , is pure magic! 
My heart absolutely melted when it got revealed that Manny is a metal head! 

8: Cars

If you`re in to cars ,( who is`nt ,am I right!? )same as Warden herself is , you will be glad to know that almost each character has their own ,usually high class , cars!

My favorite one is Rhage`s Purple GTO. *Swoon*

9: Pets


Even the pets in these books are worth reading about!

You have George , the golden retriever , leading our blind king around  . 
Boo , the black  magical cat , and Glory , the shadow black horse!

10: Fandom

After being a part of The SPN fandom for about 11 years , The BDB fandom is very similar to that!

Especially the Facebook Discussion Groups!

These fellow BDB sisters of mine , are absolutely amazing . We get to discuss everything in the books , and when you ask a question or want to know something ,  people will actually understand what you are talking about. Some are living wikipedias , and will often know more about the series , than Google does!

This is how I got a copy of The Savior! A fellow BDB Leelan in one of the groups, offered to send me a HARDBACK copy , for free , cause she did`nt want me to be left out of the ULTRA AMAZING ANTICIPATED INTRODUCTION AND RETURN OF MURHDER!
I will be forever grateful for this , Lorraine ❤

And I will tell you this , if you are thinking of joining this “cult” , know that if you bash a character  , you might get the heat for it.
Some of us have been reading these books since 2005 , that is 14 years. So these characters have become almost like family ,you feel me?

Fore example  , you can easily say your honest opinion about a certain character , but do it in  a nice manner! Like: ” I really did not appreciate V`s way of handling things in this book.” Don`t be the ” OMFG. I HATE V SO MUCH , I HOPE HE DIES IN THE NEXT BOOK.” person. This will almost instantly put you in a position where you should probably take cover from the nuclear bomb of pure rage that`s about to hit you.
And if you are the person who would say  : “Chill , it`s not real. This is fictional characters.” Well , I hope there`s room for two in that shelter, Haha!

People forget to understand that in these discussions groups , this world is absolutely real. We all KNOW , it`s not a physical place  , or a “real” world. But what we create , is. Every reader has their own vision of it . But when in those groups , we all get to hang out together and share stories that we individually have experienced thru these books.
These books are our second world , and for some , for me , they are lifesaving. 

Basically  , The BDB fandom is straight up a really amazing and welcoming group of people , who will be there for you  , even if it is not about the books. Cause if you`re a BDB fan , you`re practically family!

Until next time , Leelans:
Daggers up!

The BdaggerB.

5 thoughts on “10 reasons why You should read the BDB series!

  1. Thank you for this, absolutely hate when family and friends do not understand my love of these books and characters. This is my special family.


    1. I totally understand the struggle! None of my family or friends read it either 😭
      But the BDB family is forever 🖤⚔️🖤


  2. Every reason you listed is soooooooo true! I feel so blessed to be part of this group. This is a family. I get to relate to others that love the BDB world, hear different opinions and celebrate each other.


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