My Savior Is Finally Here! (Best Birthday EVER)

Hi again ,Leelans!
Hope you all are enjoying the spring weather!
It is snowing here at the moment , but hopefully , Lassiter will do his job and get the balance right again!

Guess who`s birthday it is ? !
As V would say:

As if my expectations for today was not high enough as they were, cause I getting a tattoo done with my Twin Sister, I did not think my day could get any better!

But , as the Scribe Virgin would have it , my instinct told me to go check my P.O Box , and guess what ,or should I say Whom?,was lying there ,waiting for me to pick it up ( That`s what she saaaid)

Thats right! MURDHER!!

A lovely BDB sister of mine , Lorraine , sent me this book all the way from U.S and AYYYYY, and according to Amazon , the book was to arrive by May 18th!

So to whatever forces went into play to make it arrive on my birthday : I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!

I recorded myself revealing the book , cause it meant so much to me. Sorry for yelling at you all!

Lorraine even left a little gift note for me , so sweet of her ❤

Just look how beautiful it is! EVERYTHING about this cover is flawless!
And this is my first BDB hardback !

I hope to get the UK version in paperback , since that is what all my other BDB books are. I don`t know about you , but I NEED the books to be the same size , haha!

This day has been absolutely amazing , and I can say thank you enough to Lorraine , for sending me The Savior. It means so much to me , and I can now start to read about the long lost Brother , and I have a feeling I`m gonna like him!

Until next time, Daggers up!


Thought you all wanted to see me and my twin`s tattoo!

We both have grown up with the show Supernatural , and since the next years season 15 will be their last , we decided it was time to get a tattoo as a thank you , cause this show has helped us thru some heavy times.

She got Sam`s initials and I , Dean`s.
I am so happy with how they turned out ❤

The Winchester bros FTW!

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