The Fallen Angels of BDB!

What is more perfect: reading about fallen angels during Easter, or the fact these books are written by your favorite author?

Even better!?

The Fallen Angels is a finished series of 6 books! So one can finish them all during the Easter holidays!

I haven’t read them all,but since Devina is being merged into the BDB world, I feel like I have to!βš”πŸ–€βš”

If you have read them, what do you think of them?πŸ–€βš”πŸ–€

Daggers up!βš”

2 thoughts on “The Fallen Angels of BDB!

  1. I thought there were pretty good. I did wish that it would involve the BDB a bit more than it does. I listen to the audio version so I can do other stuff. The narrator is pretty good. Well worth a read.


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